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Why Tough Love Has To Happen

As a parent, we want our children to be happy, to have the things that they want and to do the things that they would like to do. But, in the teen years, it is important to incorporate tough love into mix as well.

Today, there are thousands of teens battling more and more severe cases of depression. It happens for many reasons. Most teens will try illegal drugs, drinking and sex before they are 18. Many will become addicted. These things can lead to a downward spiral of teen depression rather quickly. But, that is where tough love comes in. There is virtually no way to always protect your child, but there are times when you do know better and you do need to put your foot down. For example, in any of these situations, tough love has to happen.

Many times parents believe that their children know right from wrong and that they would not do something that is wrong. Statistics show, though, that most parents do not know the number of situations that the child is in that can be potentially dangerous. Here are some tips to help you.

* Always know where they are and what they are doing. Tough love is not worrying if you are prying into their personal information.
* Know their friends. It is your job to know the type of people that they are with. If they are with the wrong crowd, take action now. Even if they have not done anything wrong yet, the temptation will be huge here.
* Talk to them about sex, drugs, violence, and alcohol. Don’t assume they know what is right and wrong. Tough love is not afraid to broach these subjects.
* Talk to them about depression. Your child needs to know what it is, what to look for and when it is okay to be upset. Not only should they know this for themselves, but they should know if their friends are in trouble.
* Finally, tough love means that you know your child and what situations he or she is facing. You need to be there to help them to make the right choices. Their friends do not love them like you do.

You enjoyed your child’s younger years and want their 20’s and beyond to be good times in their life. They need tough love during their teen years. If they do not have someone that is there to support them, they may end up in trouble with any of these things, especially depression. And, you will never know it was happening.

About The Author: Sandy Baker is an well respected writer staff writer at http://www.avoiddepression.com