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At Avoid Depression our aim is to educate you about depression, anxiety, as well as be a support resource for family, friends and loved ones in learning more about depression and other anxiety related disorders. Join our forum and share your thoughts on this awful disease.

 You are one of 20+ million people in the US alone who suffer with DEPRESSION.

If you have depression, or if someone you love is struggling with this condition, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Depression is a serious medical illness that affects more than 32 million people in their lifetime.

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Dont Understimate Depression
By: Sandy Baker

Depression is something that is often found in the people that you love the most and never thought could be dealing with.

It is something that can rip at the very seams of individuals. It is not just a phase. It is not just something that will go away. It is life and death and dealing with all that has to go with it. Many people face terrible crisis in their lives and deal with it. Others can not deal so well with even the simplest of things.

What happens to many people in either of these cases is that they can fall under a depression. As a loved one looking on, it is important that you recognize the possible signs and do something about it. Waiting too long could be risking their lives. In most cases, depression can be recognized by a series of symptoms such as:

Mood swings that are not characteristic.
Anger that is unfounded. Being overly angry about something that seems simple.
Frustration throughout even the simplest of tasks.
Feelings of being worthless, unworthy and unloved are also signs.

But, the hardest part is realizing that these things may be there yet may be hidden. In many cases, those suffering from depression will talk and tell you what is happening. But, it may not seem like what they are telling you is the full story. Instead, they may say that they are overwhelmed, tired and just too busy to deal with things. In fact, they are in serious trouble and dont know how to tell anyone they need help. Recognizing depression is something that anyone that loves someone should be looking out for. Helping them is what your job and responsibility is. Dont underestimate depression. Get the help that they need before it is too late.
About the Author:

Sandy Baker is a well respected staff writer at http://www.avoiddepression.com
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