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At Avoid Depression our aim is to educate you about depression, anxiety, as well as be a support resource for family, friends and loved ones in learning more about depression and other anxiety related disorders. Join our forum and share your thoughts on this awful disease.

 You are one of 20+ million people in the US alone who suffer with DEPRESSION.

If you have depression, or if someone you love is struggling with this condition, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Depression is a serious medical illness that affects more than 32 million people in their lifetime.

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Adding Meaning To Your Life
By: Sandy Baker

You got up today to go to work, to come home, to battle with the kids, to go to bed. Tomorrow, youll do the same thing again. If you are struggling with depression, it may be very difficult to find a ways to motivate yourself to go through this role over and over again. It makes no difference who you are. Depression is a disease that effects us without thought of who, what, where or why. But, there is a way to get through the days of depression.

By adding meaning to your daily life, you can lessen the effects that depression puts on you. You can find reasons to get up. There are many ways that you can do this. To start, why not grab a piece of paper, and write down your goals, long term and short. Write down things that you find joy in. Do you enjoy nature? Do you enjoy hanging out with a group of friends? Do you enjoy reading a good book? Do you want to travel the world? How can you add these things into your daily life? Can you take a walk in the part after dinner? Can you start your day with a good conversation with an old friend? Can you stop at the library, grab a good book and instead of watching TV tonight, you can read for a few moments. By doing these things, you will add something to look forward to in your daily life.

Will these things cure your depression? No. But, they can offer a great way to get out of the rut you are stuck in. For more ideas, and other ways to avoid depression, visit websites like www.avoiddepression.com. While it is not a medical website, it is a great resource for your depression needs.

About the Author

S A Baker is staff writer at http://www.avoiddepression.com

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